Ms. Lisa’s Montessori Cameron Park, Ca

Ms. Lisa’s Montessori provides an environment which encourages children through empowerment to
make a positive impact in our ever-changing world. We share our love and passion for a peaceful
environment which nurtures the innate qualities within each child. Ms. Lisa’s team of teachers strives to
instill the love of learning and facilitate the growth for each child to fully unfold into the individual they
are intended to become. We offer a curriculum based on the pedagogical approach of the Montessori
As each child has their own unique personality and interests, it is our aim to provide a curriculum that
inspires and nurtures their various needs. Our multi-age, open classroom style allows children to fully
explore and pursue their special areas of interest. We offer a rich program with a stimulating math and
language curriculum, as well as a program rich in geography and science. Our Curriculum is theme– ‐
oriented and we access the wonderful resources we have in our families and community to make our
learning as experiential and stimulating as possible. We believe that education does not begin and end
in the classroom. All Experiences and aspects of life are a part of what contributes to formulating one’s
view of the world. We find it essential for home and school to form an alliance with skillful
communication acting as a bridge to foster responsibility within our young.
We provide a program that addresses students’ individual interests along with their emotional character
development. Ms. Lisa’s Montessori serves to develop the ‘whole child‘. Our focus, before academic
achievement, is on mental, physical and spiritual well-being and development of each child.


Phone: 530-676-9393


2558 Greenwood Lane #A Cameron Park, CA 95682


Ms. Lisa's Montessori